A dream challenge


2023聽 路聽 聽280 x 85 x 170 cm聽 聽 路聽 聽 steel




I remember a period of time during my childhood when I crafted paper airplanes, sleek in design, with the sole purpose of being as fast as possible. This memory sparked the concept behind the sculpture.

I sculpted the wings to emphasize the power of a machine cutting through water. On their surface, I carved 60 steel faces, which reflect聽 on the metal wings, symbolizing the years of Lamborghini’s existence. One face, distinct from the others and positioned more forward, is meant to represent the legend Ferruccio Lamborghini and also, upcoming year.

The sculpture’s interior reflects聽 hexagonal shapes to visually recreate the effect of supersonic speed. The three sharp peaks are part of the concept, inducing a rush of adrenaline when approached too closely.

The sculpture’s base aims to amplify the sensation of speed, with inclined steel bars inspired by bridge designs and engineering concepts.

The artwork is entirely crafted from metal, shaped manually through thousands of layers of molten steel, without the use of various molds and other forms. This characteristic makes it unique and impossible to replicate, even by myself.