Daniel Radulescu


Daniel Radulescu (b. 01 July 1990) I started my early artistic education in Brasov, my hometown, at the Fine Arts High School ¨Hans Mattis Teutsch¨. After graduating in Graphic Design, for the next five years I become obsessed with a variety of 3D computer graphic software that help me develop an excellent depth perception. In 2014 I choose to make a career shift and use all the acquired knowledge and skills in a more tangible way. Therefore, I decided to pursue an academic career in the Sculpture department of the “National University of Fine Arts” in Bucharest where I start my apprenticeship under the guidance of the sculptor Adrian Ilfoveanu. By that time, I show a growing interest in a variety of materials and techniques like stone carving or clay modeling. However, in my evolutionary journey, what really started to hold my attention was the toughness and simultaneously the “fluidity” of the metal. This intriguing material made me want to experiment the welding technology that ultimately allowed me to create powerful and dynamic sculptures. By adding multiple layers of melted steel the outcome is remarkable due to the contrasting textures that blend in a perfect manner. As a result, expressive metal sculptures come to life and make the viewer wonder how these figurative compositions were created.