Stranger Things


creART – contemporary art gallery

“Non-verbal communication, transposed through light and smoke, determines steel to represent just a personal and ideal vehicle for fusing the two, the whole actually being an utopia. Something that only appears present. The sculpture communicate with the space as a whole- I used light and smoke to fill every atom in the room. The entire composition is dominated by the strong contrast between materials, and, by homogenising them, I made the sculpture breathe, and speak to the spectator.” (Daniel Rădulescu)
“The light unveils new meanings of the steel, a priori impenetrable. The experience becomes the content of exposure. The object becomes secondary and impact of the spectator/viewer the concept. The intersection between matter and light in connection with space will put you in a different perspective than expected. Image of the entire exposition becomes cinematic, make you think to “Stranger Things”. Daniel Rădulescu is self-conscious, self-referential, push the limit of the other more than himself or the medium.” (Răzvan Ion)


Bucharest  ·  Romania


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