Hi, I’m Daniel.

  I have studied traditional graphic in the School of Fine Arts “Hans Mattis Teutsch” from Brasov At the age of 18 I left everything behind and moved to Bucharest. In this amazing and dynamic city I started a new life, on my own. After many years of hard work and struggling I started studying sculpture at the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest. At the beginning i was carving in stone, wood, modelling in clay, wax, I used to work with resin, experimenting tridimensional and volumetric shapes. After a couple of years I find out how to work with steel and learn different ways to weld it. I became obsessed with this wonderful material and every day my task was to learn more and more about how to process it better, my sculptures are made from adding layers and layers and layers of melted steel, like a 3D steel printing machine. This is what I do today, on a daily basses. It’s more than a job, is passion!

  To the day, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with over 80 companies and famous brands such as Samsung, Ubisoft, Radox, Aragon Group, VIA.ZZO, Beck’s , BRD bank, and various televisions and foundations. I have also had the chance to work with public and private institutions of which the most notable are the Bucharest City Council and Museums from Romania and Venice. Graphic studios are also on my list of collaborations one of them being “Carioca Studio”, the biggest image concept house in Romania. My experience with visual arts is very diverse apart from the mentioned work I took part in more than 20 live events (one being broadcasted live in 8 European countries) and encouraged and guided over 200 children in the art of drawing. I am exceptionally proud of having coordinated numerous projects of which most remarkable were the effort invested in the History Museum from Suceava and my latest project: coordinate the design of a complex terrazzo floor for the biggest mall in Romania: Park Lake.





Solo exhibition · CREART “Stranger Things” curated by Razvan Ion  · Bucharest

Group exhibition · Braderie de l’Art at La Condition Publique in France

Group exhibition · PAVOT gallery  · Bucharest

Private Solo exhibition · at World Trade Center with 3M Company

Group exhibition · at Qreator – Art Walk Street – won 1st prize.

Private Solo exhibition · Palatul Ghika with 3M Company

Solo exhibition · “HELVETIA luxury watches” · m e и t a l

Group exhibition · Palatul Noblesse – Fusion art

Curated all sculptors for fusion art 2018 at Noblesse Palace

Sculptures & drawings exhibition at LABORNA – contemporary art gallery


Solo exhibition · “Welding – Emotions ” 5 steel sculptures · Kube Musette Gallery · Bucharest 

Group exhibition · Cluj-Napoca

Group exhibition ·  Noblesse Palace –  “MultiBrand Concept ShowRoom ” in Bucharest 

ART manager at ” Noblesse Palace ” coordonate FUSION ART EVENT with over 50 artists

Auction House GOLD ART purchase one of my sculpture 

Group exhibition · Noblesse Palace “Fusion ART”

Group exhibition · “National Library” UNARTE University License

Solo exhibition ” Metalul, Eu ! ” · Kube Musette gallery · Bucharest


group sculpture exhibition · “University of Arts and Design” from Timisoara 

coordinate 6 artists in a project for “Bucovina History Museum” from Suceava

coordinate and achievement the TERRAZZO floor design from “Park Lake mall” · Bucharest 

being in a jury · “Scoala de Valori” from Bucharest · 3-th edition

LIVE event · sculpting in clay  “the kiss” by Constantin Brancusi at Museum Nicolae Minovici 

online LIVE drawing · for BECK’S


being in a jury · “Scoala de Valori” · Bucharest · 2-th edition

group sculpture exhibition · “National Library of Romania” 

group exhibition · “UNAgaleria” and Rembrand Contest · 1st prize

group exhibition · “ART WALK STRET” two sculptures and one painting

LIVE drawing · “National Library of Bucharest” · 4 drawings in pastel technique


Event · “Regina Maria foundation” / Bucharest /  with Virgil Iantu > teaching children how to draw

Event · “National Stadium” from Bucharest , coordinated all the employees from Ubisoft how to draw using only spices

LIVE drawing · “Energiea” a project powered by Grolsch

1 July event · Tucano Coffee · Bucharest · coordinate 20+ children from the orphanage to draw using only coffee beans

 Solo exhibition · “Palatul Ghika” – charity event

 LIVE sculpture · made at Tucano Coffee

LIVE sculpture · “Extravaganza Show” – Bucharest

LIVE event at the opening of “Coftale” a drawing using coffee beans

coordinate over 20 employees · “mega-image” on a graphic workshop

solo Exhibition ·  “Palace of the Parliament” – art for earth

being in a jury · “Scoala de Valori” ·  Bucharest · first edition

National University of Fine Arts” · UNArte , from Bucharest – Sculpture department / class of: Adrian Ilfoveanu

group exhibition · “Palatul Stirbei” / Bucharest


LIVE event · “L8 by Stephan Pelger” · Bucharest – sand drawing

LIVE event · Bucharest subway · sand / cereals drawing – with “Arta nu musca” ONG

LIVE event · Swan Lake · Bucharest – a 15 minutes story made of different type of materials and textiles

LIVE event · Romexpo · with “360 Revolution agency” 3 drawings made of metal, fruits and sand

LIVE show · TVR2 · entertainment show > a drawing made of fruits and Acrylics

LIVE show · TVR1 <Pretuieste Viata show> a drawing made of coffee beans, fruits and acrylics

LIVE Event with “PUMA” · 4 drawings made of sweets, cereals, metal objects and fruits

LIVE draw  · “Galeria Occidentului” / Bucharest


3D graphic designer · “Carioca Studio” · Bucharest >high poly modelling, texturing, unwrap

Photographer · “Lumiere Artists” · Bucharest – casting film

2D Artist and Photographer assistant · SD studio · Bucharest – editing and post-production 


 3D / 2D graphic designer at “Flexidea” · Bucharest < high poly modelling,  unwrap, texturing , lighting, rendering, setup , visual compositing

Compositing and Concept artist · “Tandem Film” · Bucharest · software used: Nuke, Photoshop


finished School of Fine Arts “Hans Mattis Teutsch” from Brasov · graphics department

group exhibition, graphic, “EUROPE” Gallery from Brasov

 winning a UK contest <3D TOTAL> with a 3D render interior + appearance in “3D Creative” magazine

3D graphic artist at “FunLabs / Activision” < video-games Industry from Bucharest < high / low poly modelling, texturing, unwrap 



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